The Library is open to all students and the members of the teaching staff of the Institution. It is kept open from 07.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. on all working days. It functions from 08.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. on Sundays.

  • All the students must enter the library with Identity Card.

  • Students should observe strict silence in the library premises.

  • As per the notification displayed in the Library Notice Board, UG / PG Student should bring their own Identity Card to borrow books on specified days.

  • The borrowed book is to be returned within 7 days. Students can renew the books twice after the first borrowal.

  • A student who borrows or returns a book must transact only in person.

  • No student shall lend her Identity Card to anyone. Any student found doing so, will forfeit the same.

  • Students can check the availability of books through the catalogue in the computer. They should reserve the books in advance.

  • If the reserved books are not taken within 3 days, the reservation will be cancelled. A member cannot reserve more than two books.

  • Students will be required to produce their identification card and to sign the register maintained by the librarian when the books are issued to or returned by them.

  • Books are to be borrowed only on the working days by applying for the books using Identity Card. The timings for borrowing and returning books and periodicals will be put up on the Library Notice Board.

  • The library functions on a open – access system.

  • While entering the library all members are requested to leave their belongings in the property counter. They can be collected while leaving the library. The librarian shall not be held responsible for the loss of the belongings at the counter.

  • At the time of return, if a book is found damaged it will lead to a payment of fine or the entire cost of the book as may be decided by the Librarian in consultation with the Principal. On borrowing a book, a student must examine it and report to the librarian of any damage or markings found in it. Failure to do so, shall make her responsible to replace the damaged book.

  • Each student is permitted to borrow only one old magazine or journal (not current issue) in addition to a book subject to the availability of the magazine. No renewal is permitted for the magazine or Journel borrowed.

  • The student who loses her Library Card should report the fact to the librarian immediately. Fresh Library Card (Duplicate) will be issued to the student on payment of a penalty fee of Rs.200/- at the office.

  • Return of books will be accepted only during specified hours. No excuse will be permitted for delay in returning a book.

  • If necessity arises the librarian may collect any book at any time before the due date.

  • If a book is not returned on the due date, a fine of Rs.10/- per day will be levied.

  • All books must be returned to the library before 7 clear working days of the closure of the Semester. Unless they do so, their deposit money will not be refunded to them. Any student who discontinues her studies in the course of the year should also surrender her Identity Card and get a No Due Certificate from the librarian. In case of loss or damage to a book, fine must be paid.

  • Inside the library, books, magazines and journals should be handled with care. A student who damages any book, magazine or journal may be asked to pay a fine or be deprived of the privilege of using the Reading Room and the Library or both.

  • Reference books, Journals, Project works, Notes, Rare and Picture Publications, Reference documents, Atlases, Map Reports, Xerox Copies and Question Papers will not be issued under any circumstances. They are to be referred inside the library only on producing the Identity Card.

  • Entry to the library is restricted only to the students.

  • Students are not permitted to work in group and study verbally in the library.

  • Furniture inside the library should not be moved around. While leaving the library, the students should arrange the chairs properly.

  • The teaching staff must return all the borrowed books to the library on the last working day of every month. They can borrow the books again only from the third working day of the next month.

  • To motivate the students to utilize the library to the maximum, an award called “Best User Award” has been instituted. The Best User Award for the semester constitutes books worth a few thousand of rupees.

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