Rules of Reservation

Rules of Reservation

  • The admission shall be made purely on the basis of merit subject to the rule of reservation of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

  • Every student should possess an identity card issued by the college which should be worn by the student inside the college premises. It should be produced whenever asked for, especially when dealing with the office, library and the canteen.

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college campus.

  • Mobile Phone is banned in the college campus.


  • The Principal reserves the right to issue Transfer Certificate to any student at any time during the course of the academic year, thereby compelling her to leave the college for reasons of indiscipline, lack of progress in studies, non payment of fee to the college or illness considered to be contagious or affecting other students or any other reasons which the Principal may consider to be detrimental to the interest of the college if the student is allowed to continue.

  • Any student who leaves the college without the permission of the Principal before completing the course will not be issued Transfer and Conduct Certificate, but on sufficient reasons being given, the Principal, at his discretion, may issue them both.


  • Every student is expected to attend the classes regularly. Attendance will be taken every period. Absence without leave or without prior permission for one hour will be treated as absence for the respective session.

  • Leave letter should be submitted to the Principal and prior sanction should be obtained.

  • When absent due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances, the application for leave shall be submitted on the date of joining. If the student is incapacitated due to serious illness, then the parent or guardian is expected to apply on her behalf.

  • In case of application for leave for more than 3 days on account of illness, a Medical Certificate from an authorized Medical Officer should be produced on the first day of her attending classes.

  • If a student absents herself without prior permission except under extraordinary circumstances, she is liable to pay a fine of Rs.10/-perday.

  • All applications for leave shall be endorsed by the parent or the guardian.

  • If a student has the attendance below 80%, she is not eligible for writing Semester Examinations. A Condonation Fee along with the Medical Certificate for the days of absence will be collected for permitting the student to write the examination. The Condonation Fee will be collected as per the rules and regulations. If the student has the attendance below 55%, the student has to repeat the semester.

  • If a student absents herself for a continuous period of seven working days without approved leave, the student shall be deemed to have left the college and her name will be struck off from the rolls unless she proves that the failure to obtain permission for leave was unavoidable.

  • Attendance at classes and academic progress as well as the conduct of the student will be taken into consideration while recommending her for Merit Certificates, Higher Studies, Jobs, as well as for representing the college in Extra – Curricular Activities.


  • Students who have no class to attend at any particular hour shall proceed to the Library and engage themselves in Library after getting permission from the Head of the Department. They should not loiter on the verandahs or in the college campus and disturb other classes at work. Violation of this rule is punishable.

  • Students are prohibited from defacing or damaging the building or furniture in any way. Incase of damage, the cost will be recovered from the student indulged in such activity. If the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual or individuals, then the cost will be recovered from all the students in the class / college collectively.

  • Students must not enter any classroom other than their own without the special permission of the Principal.

  • The conduct of the students in their classes as well as in the college premises should cause no disturbance to students of other classes.

  • Every student shall greet the Teacher whenever she meets them during the day.

  • When a Teacher enters the classroom the students shall rise up. Similarly they shall rise up and remain standing when Teacher leaves the room.

  • Irregularity in attendance, insubordination, discourtesy to staff members, habitual inattention and late-coming, neglect of work, obscenity in word or act are punishable by Permanent or Temporary Dismissal, or any other punishment given by the Principal.

  • No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the Teacher while the class is in progress.

  • Students shall not make any noise while moving from one class to the other.

  • Only after obtaining prior permission, the student can enter the college office for any official transaction.

  • Students are expected to read notices displayed on the college notice boards. Failure to read the information will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with them.

  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated among the students or put on the notice board by the students without the approval of the Principal.

  • Students are forbidden to organize any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without written permission from the principal.

  • No student shall take part in any Party / Communal / Religious or any Public Movement which the college authorities think as undesirable for students.

  • No student will be permitted to attend the college riding two wheelers.

  • Though the college does not hold itself responsible for the conduct of its students outside its premises, it takes cognizance of any serious misconduct of a student committed outside its precincts and in case of any serious charges, the guilty shall be punished according to the gravity of the offence.

  • Notice of the change of address should be intimated immediately to the Principal in writing.

  • Students studying a course conducted by our College / Institute are not entertained to register for any other degree courses. “Dress maketh a man”. There is a prescribed dress code for girls for all UG and PG students. Students who do not wear the prescribed dress will not be permitted to enter the college campus.

  • The Dress Code is as follows
    A. Salwar or plain Kurtis with no fancy stuff or formal Saree attire.
    B. Jeggings, Leggings, Jeans and any tight fitting clothing is not allowed.
    C. Hair should not be left loose but should be well groomed.


Students who have taken sports equipment for playing games during their educational tenure should return all the equipment to clear the dues before appearing for examinations. Failure to do so will result in payment of fine.

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